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Womxn in the Live Events Network

One of LEN’s aims is to improve diversity, inclusivity and equality in the workplace and in the union itself and to make sure that every worker is represented. LEN benefits from the active participation of womxn members and reps in the different branches and in their committees. We ensure that the issues womxn (cis, trans, gender-non-conforming and non-binary) members encounter in their work experience are addressed, discussed and dealt with. As union members and activists we also promote the awareness of womxn’s working rights and the importance of networking and allyship. The pandemic allowed us to think thoroughly about the challenges that womxn experience in a male dominated industry like the live events and how unions can help to change the toxic aspects of the industry culture with concrete actions. SLEN co-chair Alice, LUVT committee member Elis and LUVT co-chair Isabella thought it was useful to organize and take part into some panels to discuss with members of other organizations like Women in Live Music, Girls Rock etc about the obstacles womxn workers face but also the ways to work around them. The well attended webinars “Women in Live Events” ( and “Gender Dynamics” ( allowed the womxn panelists from different countries, roles and experience levels to share their stories, questions and advice with Bectu members and non-members. Our objective is to keep doing these panels in order to build a womxn live events workers’ community and to establish a proactive dialogue with male workers, union members and allies.

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